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Yanmar Net Cleaning Robot

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remote Net Cleaner

Submergible Cleaner for Fish Farming Nets  

Covering a wider range at Faster speeds , Cleaning a large fish Farming net in a short period

Yanmar's only one and number one environment-friendly technology saves net cleaning costs, promotes farmed fish growth, and contributes to it's quality improvements in cultured aquatic products. It’s the net cleaning robot. Fish Farming nets need to be cleaned periodically to maintain water quality and protect the fish against disease. With this aqua culture solution only one person is needed to clean the net and he doesn’t have to go into the water.

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Taking a short time to clean a large aquaculture net

The product has a wide cleaning width and travels fast, thus ensuring a top cleaning speed approximately four times as high as that of conventional models. You can expect a significant reduction in operator labor costs. 

Powerful cleaning

The net cleaning system uses all the water in the pump, thus exerting powerful cleaning performance.


Operability and travel performance

The fish net cleaner uses crawler belts that work in combination with wheels, thus riding over both vertical and horizontal lines and other irregularities of the aquaculture net with ease. Furthermore, the product is equipped with a propeller drive system that utilizes nozzle reaction force and generates strong thrust, thus running stably at high speeds.


Excellent visibility (Adoption of super-wide-angle cameras)

The net cleaning robot incorporates a super-wide-angle camera each on the front and rear sides, thus making it possible to confirm the cleaning range of a monitor screen. Furthermore, the super-wide-angle lenses of the camera ensure ease of use with excellent visibility. 


Allows the net to be cleaned anytime it is needed. The net cleaning robot can be fed through a small opening in the bird nets over the cages and into the water, making it easy to clean the nets. The robot can be guided and operated by simply operating the remote control box joysticks, and underwater operations can be checked in real-time on the TV monitor. 

  • Prevent the proliferation of parasites because the nets are kept clean
  • Anti fouling chemical and medicine for fish use can be reduced
  • Improves the fl ow of water through the nets and eliminates a drop of oxygen
  • concentration in the cages, thereby preventing a decrease in feeding activity and associated reduction in the number of fi sh in the cage.
  • Prevents harm of the fish by adhering shellfish
  • Prevents weight increase of the nets caused by biofouling to the net, hence avoiding sinking and damage of the net cages
  • Cleaning can be done anytime needed
  • Reduces use of net cleaning agents.


Model NCL-LX
Maximum cleaning speed (m2/hr) 1600
Cleaning width (mm) 1910
Maximum travel speed (m/min) 50
External dimensions (mm) 1358 x 2287 x 874 (L x W x H)
Weight (kg) 500