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YANMAR engines at the forefront
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The Norwegian aquaculture and fishing industry has set its sights on the future. New boats are being built with increasing concern for the condition of the life fish, the welfare of the crew and the environment. This year’s Ship of the Year Ro Vision is a good example of this. This first hybrid propulsion well-boat ever is developed with a strong focus on increased safety and lower emissions. One of the contributors to this success, sharing the same values and concerns about sustainability and the environment, is YANMAR, global leader in marine engines.

New standard

Ro Vision sets a new standard in salmon transportation as the world's first battery hybrid well-boat. The development is the result of a long-standing cooperation between shipowner Rostein, designer Skipskompetanse and ship builder Larsnes Mek Verksted.

“The boat was equipped in a record time of just under 4.5 months and was delivered in March with all the COVID-19 challenges at that time,” says Jarle Gunnarstein, CEO of Larsnes Mek Verksted

MS Ro Vision in Norway
Designer: Skipskompetanse
Shipyard: Larsnes Mek Verksted
Owner: Rostein

High commitment

In this respect, YANMAR’s medium-speed engines have proven to be a leading choice for many operators because of their reputation for reliability, durability and performance, while demonstrating low fuel/oil consumption and optimizing labor savings in terms of very easy installation and maintenance. YANMAR demonstrates a very high commitment to supporting all parties – ship owners, designers and shipyards – in order to find the right solution.

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YT3 series

Unique projects

YANMAR auxiliary medium speed diesel engines have an excellent reputation in the marine market for safe and economical power supply onboard with a low impact on the environment. The engines take the latest emission and environment regulations (IMO Tier II) into account by reducing harmful emissions (NOx/CO2/SOx) and hazardous materials. Ship owners and ship builders can choose from an extensive line of auxiliary diesel solutions from 240-3300 kW (720 -1200 rpm) to meet the challenges of their commercial marine applications.

For Jarle Gunnarstein CEO of Larsnes Mek Verksted, YANMAR is the undisputed choice when it comes to marine engines, both for propulsion engines and auxiliary engines.

"YANMAR engines are easy to install and accessible for maintenance. Moreover, they are economical, have low emissions and a long lifespan, which is often a decisive factor for our customers, such as ship owners and designers"

Leading choice

YANMAR’s strategy is always to focus, be accurate, show initiative and provide the right solution for each project. Such is YANMAR’s reputation that the engine manufacturer is a leading choice and the right engineering partner for ship owners, designers and shipyards around the world. YANMAR ensures full customer support to the Norwegian market and is at full strength to meet the expected additional growth in the electric propulsion marine market with new, high-tech solutions for ship owners specifically in Europe.

A century of experience

Founded in 1912, YANMAR is a leader in developing medium-speed diesel marine engines, with the company’s output exceeding 1,800 units per year. The Japanese brand supplies not only the domestic Japanese and Asian markets, but has also undertaken deliveries of marine diesel engines to many projects in Europe, Russia, Eurasia and South America during the past 20 years. It is easy to see how – with over a century of innovation and a rapid global expansion into key markets – marine engine production is a cornerstone of YANMAR’s activity.

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