YANMAR power for new dry cargo vessels  in Russia

In 2019, YANMAR strengthened its position on the Russian market with the delivery of 16 YANMAR 6EY22AW medium-speed propulsion engines for a series of 8 new dry cargo carriers; two engines delivering efficient power for each ship. With the delivery of the Anatoly Nikolayev (with a deadweight of 6,220 tons), Russian Okskaya Shipyard completed the series of 8 vessels, commissioned by State Transport Leasing Company PJSC.

Vessel: HABNC-1

Satisfied customer and great follow-up

The experiences so far are very positive. The ship operator NAVIS-1, LLC is particularly satisfied with the actual low fuel consumption, which reduces running costs. Recently, Okskaya Shipyard, the builder, has signed a follow-up order for another 10 new dry cargo vessels and have again chosen YANMAR 6EY22AW medium-speed propulsion engines to power these vessels.

Safe and efficient operation

While thinking about powering the new dry cargo carriers, the renowned designer Marine Engineering Bureau, Okskaya and the shipowner have chosen YANMAR engines to drive two Schottel azimuth propellers to guarantee safe and efficient operation of all vessels. See all the technical details of this project, under the project name RSD32M.

Marine propulsion
diesel engines

With respect for nature, YANMAR will be your reliable partner for a long voyage!

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Project of 8 dry cargo vessels

  • Vessel owner: USC (United Shipping Company)
  • Ship designer: MEB - Marine Engineering Bureau
  • Shipyard: Okskaya Shipyard
  • Sales & Service agents: Varmaa Sia and Yachmarket
  • Main Engine: 16x YANMAR 6EY22AW

EY engine series

YANMAR's EY medium speed propulsion diesel engines series vary between 374 and 4,500 kW and are used for commercial vessels, ocean going tugs, workboats and large fishing vessels, etc.

Powerful, yet economical engines
The ships were built by Okskaya Shipyard in Russia, which already had close ties with our distributor Varmaa. Varmaa in turn works closely and actively with their on-site sales agent Yachmarket as the YANMAR sales and service team in Russia.
Thanks to great teamwork and commitment, we were able to offer a high-quality solution with our reliable and powerful, yet economical engines.

Legendary durability

With YANMAR propulsion diesel engines we have two goals to achieve. One is to give you a safe and economical user experience when you are navigating at sea. The other is to let our engines be as earth friendly as possible. We believe these two goals go together very well.

Always in control

Ship owners are in full control of operating expenses because YANMAR engines have low fuel oil consumption and easy maintenance. Our technology gives ship owners a major competitive edge.

Unique features

YANMAR has established a good reputation among our users.
Our customers trust and appreciate our engines, because of the following:

  • Safe & Economical operation
  • High efficiency
  • High reliability & durability
  • Low fuel oil consumption
  • Life cycle value
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Low noise
  • Low vibration
  • Low emission

Marine propulsion diesel engine powering Anatoly Nikolayev


  • Power: 736 ~ 1370kW


Engine Model 6EY22AW
No. of Cylinders 6
Cylinder BorexStroke [mm] 220x320
Rated Output [kW(PS)] 736(1000) 885(1203) 1030(1400) 1180(1604) 1330(1808) 1370(1863)
Engine Speed [min-1] 800 850 900
Dry Weight [kg] 10000
Propellor Type for F.P.P.
Marine gear model offset YX-1000 YX-2000
Co-Axial YX-1000C YX-2000C
Reduction gear ratio (ahead) offset 2.03, 2.36, 2.78, 3.32 2.23, 2.58, 2.79, 3.03
Co-Axial 2.03, 2.36, 2.78, 3.32 2.23, 2.58, 2.79, 3.03
Marine gear dry weight [kg] offset 2400 2565
Co-Axial 4750 5050
Total dry weight with marine gear [kg] offset 12505 12556 14861
Co-Axial 12670 12721 15161
name  Takatoshi Sugimoto 
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