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Yanmar News


YANMAR power for new dry cargo vessels in Russia 10-03-2020

With the delivery of the Anatoly Nikolayev (with a deadweight of 6,220 tons), Russian Okskaya Shipyard completed the series of 8 vessels, commissioned by State Transport Leasing Company PJSC.

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MS Gunnar K of Larsnes Mek 30-08-2018

"Our ships have had YANMAR engines for over 20 years; also on board of MS Gunnar K. Why?


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YANMAR is a preferred choice for Statum Pusher Tug 13-02-2018

"They're nice engines. I'm very happy with them, everything's functioned great so far. That's crucial, as we operate day in, day out and our client wants to be sure of delivery. That means we need durable, reliable engines."

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Elding adventure at sea, Reykjavik 26-07-2017

Elding Whale Watching has decades of experience and offers the most talked about whale watching and sea adventure tours in Iceland.

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Belgian skipper praises his trusty Yanmar diesel 26-07-2017

"They are amazed", he says. "I was once advised to overhaul the engine, but as long as it doesn't use too much oil, I just keep using the engines as always." Since 2004, Alderweireld (40) has been sailing the waterways.

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YANMAR repowers Baltic trawlers 12-06-2017

„We recognised that only YANMAR could offer us a suitable engine with the following features"

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Leading Cartagena Pilot Company Chooses YANMAR Commercial Marine Engines Again 07-06-2017

"We are very happy with the performance of these engines, and I am very excited to install the second pair in our new boat"

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Ubels Offshore has the wind in its sails 07-06-2017

The strong expansion of the number of wind turbines out at sea near the northern Dutch coast was reason enough for Ubels Offshore to expand its fleet with a fifth ship last year.

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Leco Marine seals the deal for the Yanmar Net cleaner with Østerbø 14-12-2016

"It cleans very well in troublesome situations and also has a lower fuel consumption than many of the alternative cleaners,” 

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It is a well-known fact that fish farming nets need to be cleaned periodically to maintain water quality and protect the fish against disease and here at International Aquafeed we are always seeking to champion success stories within the industry. One such story comes from net cleaning company Yatek.

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