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When the Norwegian fishing company Remøybuen ordered a new deep-sea fishing vessel, they said she was going to set a new standard as one of the smallest boats with electric winches on board. Now the ‘eye-catcher’ is ready to hit the Norwegian fishing fields with an eco-friendly, all-electric wind system and a YANMAR engine that is both environmentally friendly and affordable to operate.

First of its kind

Despite the ship's compact size, the "Remøybuen" has a fully equipped fish factory and a large freezing capacity on board. She features the first-of-its-kind electrically powered seine drums and is capable of processing 20 tons of round fish per day. YANMAR supplied the 749 kW engine to make maximum use of the propulsion system, with a power equal to no less than 1,000 horses.  

“Completely satisfied”

The engine operates a large four-wing propeller with a diameter of 2.70 meters and offers a lot of gearing. “And that you can tell”, says ship owner Hans Sigvald Remøy. “From the first selection of the engine to the entire installation process, I am completely satisfied, not only with the performance of the engine, but also with the whole team of YANMAR and Maritim Motor, YANMAR’s dealer in Norway.”  

Increased Life Cycle Value

The YANMAR 6EY17W engine is part of YANMAR’s EY series of medium speed propulsion engines. These engines are built with unique technology based on long history and reflect the concepts of ‘Increased Life Cycle Value’ and ‘Environmental Performance’. By maximizing the value throughout its entire life, the engine reduces the total cost of ownership through factors such as the development and use of Long Life Parts, reliable operation and easy maintenance of this mechanical engine.  

Environmental Performance

Like all YANMAR engines, the 6EY17W has been developed and manufactured to minimize its ecological impact and achieve better harmony with the environment. Among other things, YANMAR has further lowered NOx/CO2/SOx levels so that fewer environmentally harmful substances are emitted.  

Essential part on board

The engine was manufactured in Japan and completed in YANMAR’s European regional headquarters in the Netherlands. YANMAR’s large-engine dealer for Norway, Maritim Motor, supported the on-board installation. “Thanks to professional cooperation between our dealer and the engineering teams of YANMAR in Japan and Europe, the final product is now an essential part of the functionality on board,” says Ruben Antvelink, Area Manager of YANMAR Europe.  

Ship details

The new fishing vessel "Remøybuen", classified for deep-sea fishing, is a combined long liner and Danish seiner and can accommodate a crew of 11 on board.

Owner Remøybuen A.S.; Hans Sigvald Remøy, Norway
Designer West Maritim shipyard, Norway
Shipbuilder VARD, Norway
Size 28-meter length and 9.5-meter width
Engine YANMAR 6EY17W medium-speed propulsion engine
Ruben Antvelink
name  Ruben Antvelink
Function Senior Area Manager
PHONE +31 6 1105 2016
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