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Yanmar Brand Statement

Relying on more than 100 years of history, Yanmar aims to contribute to a sustainable society by delivering justifiable technologies, solutions and products for food production and energy conversion in all essential areas in which people live and work.

Technology, Service & Hospitality
By prioritizing customers all over the world, providing world-class technical expertise and all-round service and hospitality, Yanmar proactively fulfils all customers’ needs, before they even realize they exist. We will constantly go the extra mile to deliver breath-taking innovation for solutions and service which consistently surpasses expectations of our customers. We at Yanmar call this “Solutioneering”. Over the next 100 years, Yanmar will continue to challenge the market, adding value to our industry and help people live rich and fulfilling lives.

Brand Mark (FLYING-Y)

YANMAR’s “Y”. The company's name "YANMAR" comes from the wings of a dragonfly ("oni-yanma"), which is a Japanese symbol of a bountiful harvest. It presents the image of a company ready to take giant leaps over the next 100 years. The angular form evokes a decisive path into the future, marked by both leadership and technological prowess. Our corporate colour, red, signifies a pioneering spirit, defiance, passion, sunlight and abundance.

Brand logo type

Corporate brand. In 1952, the generic logo for the YANMAR Group was born, based on how the company's name is written in the Roman alphabet, "YANMAR". The current logo was designed in 1993, after a number of changes were made to keep up with the times.

Origin of the Company Name

The "YANMAR" trademark was established in 1921. The name is a combination of the "yanma tonbo" dragonfly (generic name for the "oni-yanma" and "gin-yanma"), the king among dragonflies and a symbol of a rich harvest, and the "Yama" from our founder's name, Magokichi Yamaoka. In 1952, when corporate names written in the katakana syllabary were still rare, the company's name was changed to "YANMAR Diesel Co. Ltd.". In 2002, Yanmar made a fresh start as an operating holding company and changed its name to the current "Yanmar Co., Ltd.".